Friday, October 9, 2015

End of the road

 So we come to the end of our pilgrimage.  In Barcelona, the city where Ignatius spent several years in different stints.  As you'll see in the photos we have been joined here by a fifth pilgrim from Farm Street, Yasko Kurahachi, who has added to the already international feel of the group.  And we've spent a little time here visiting sites associated with Ignatius and returning to do a Camino 'Ignatian repetition' of  Montserrat and Manresa.  And many many thanks for such generous hospitality from the sisters who run the Ignatian Exercises Centre here.  
It was here in Barcelona Ignatius studied, prayed in the churches now visited by 21st century tourists from around the world, and also where he was given hospitality by Isobel Roser, who later would take 'vows' alongside the first Jesuits and would found the women's refuge of Santa Marta near the Church of the Gesu in Rome.  
So it's fitting to end here this Camino which aims to raise prayers, awareness and funds for Project Bakhita, which supplies much needed protection and help to 21st century victims of human trafficking.  
For those who have followed our blog many thanks indeed.  
There will be a presentation on the Camino at Farm Street in the next few months and reports in the Westminster Record diocesan newspaper and Oremus, Westminster Cathedral magazine, next month.  
We hope this blog has helped you connect with the land of Ignatius, his spirituality and how Jesuits and friends from our part of the world in our own time tick.